The RSLA mission.

Here For Everyone!


Renaissance South LA (RSLA) provides life-saving treatment to people battling substance use disorder through comprehensive, evidence-based services that are tailored to ensure sustainability and self-reliance. 

RSLA’s programs address client’s immediate medical needs, as well as create the foundations for sustained wellness and life improvement. Our end-to-end services are aimed at the full spectrum of issues and barriers that could prevent or hinder someone from reaching their potential.

We provide 24-hours residential services for detoxification and recovery, as well as general rehabilitation, training, mentoring, counseling and career preparation for all ages.


Renaissance South L.A. is committed to the health and well-being of those who are most at-risk. The RSLA program – geared toward providing comprehensive care and end-to-end services – helps people overcome the hardships of homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, human trafficking, and more. As a 24-hour, regional treatment provider, the organization offers mentoring and counseling for all ages, parenting, drug rehabilitation and career preparation to set clients on a path to become self-reliant members of their community.

Studies show it is more difficult for clients to transition from one program to another as their needs change. The organization employs evidence-based services to address the full spectrum of issues and barriers that prevent people from reaching full recovering. RSLA’s model – called the Armstrong Approach – increases the likelihood that patients maintain the path to sobriety and healthy living.


“We are here to care for folks that can’t care for themselves, to treat folks that can’t treat themselves, to advocate for folks that can’t advocate for themselves. And I’m amazed. I can tell you guys, that this is not by accident. That is by design that we are all here.”


RSLA is licensed with the Substance Use Disorder Compliance Division, State of CA Health and Human Services Agency, and the Department of Health Care Services.